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EricEdmond, OK

Customer ServiceMoversPacking

Reviewed June 26, 2024

UHaul recommended Magic Movers in Hoquiam WA to help me pack my UHaul truck. Here is my review of their service: I hired Magic Movers in Aberdeen WA by recommendation of UHaul to help me pack my UHaul truck. I am disabled and relied on this company to help me load the truck. I hired them for 2 hours. I had everything conveniently arranged in the downstairs of my home and basem*nt and had already loaded the 'Mom's Attic' by myself. All I needed help with was loading the rest of the UHaul in an organized way. I had limited space and expected the movers to load the UHaul in a professional manner from bottom to top utilizing all the space available. I made the same move 6 months prior with the same truck size and the same sized load.

Upon arrival, the movers started to load the truck but I noticed that they stopped loading the space 3/4 of the way to the top. I was worried that things would start to 'settle' upon driving and I was also worried that there would not be enough room for everything to fit as the space wasn't being utilized to its potential. Additionally, I had concerns that the movers were packing heavy items on top of my fragile items. Overall, I became very stressed out because the movers appeared as they were not trained adequately and were going to do a poor job of loading my UHaul.

When the 2 hours were up, I was left with a half packed mess. As you can see from the photo, the space was only loaded 3/4 of the way to the top of the available space. I was left with a bunch of things that still needed loading and had to try to 'fill in the spaces' myself. This was quite inconvenient for me as I mentioned that I am disabled which was the reason I hired the team in the first place. The movers buried my step stool that I mentioned I needed access to for unloading purposes. I felt disappointed that I had to finish the job myself, didn't have my step stool to finish loading and was very sore the following morning. I had to post-pone my trip as I needed an extra day to recover from having to do much of the work myself.

I reached out to UHaul, who recommended Magic Movers, and they suggested I try to contact the company directly. I reached out to the owner of Magic Movers once I arrived at my destination and was met with unprofessional responses. The owner told me that he had 'this many' positive reviews with not one complaint. I reiterated my concern about the service I received and all he kept saying was that his team would never conduct business in such a way. He wanted proof, so I supplied him with a photo of my half-loaded UHaul at time of completion. He didn't acknowledge my proof. He totally dismissed my concerns and treated me like a liar and became hostile and started cursing at me during our phone call. I have since tried to reach out to him for a resolution but all he does is hang up on me.

I thought I would reach out one more time, a month later after things had cooled down, and once again I was hung up on. I never asked for a refund, I was simply trying to be heard. In closing, I would not recommend this company to anyone who is looking for help due to a disability or needing a quality service.

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EugeneNewmarket, ON

Verified purchase

Customer Service

Reviewed May 4, 2024

Disappointing Experience with U-Haul: Poor Communication and Customer Service. Rating: 1/5 Stars. As someone who has relied on U-Haul for moving needs in the past, my recent experience has left me extremely disappointed and frustrated. Despite booking in advance and providing clear preferences for equipment size and location, U-Haul failed to fulfill my reservation as requested.

The lack of communication regarding a last-minute change in equipment size and pickup location was particularly egregious. Instead of receiving notification or an opportunity to discuss alternatives, I was simply informed of the change after the fact. This lack of transparency and consideration for customer preferences is unacceptable. Furthermore, the response from U-Haul's customer service team only served to exacerbate my frustration. Instead of addressing my concerns and offering a meaningful solution, I was met with dismissive explanations and a refusal to provide any form of compensation for the inconvenience caused.

While I understand that demand may fluctuate during peak periods, it is no excuse for U-Haul to prioritize availability over customer satisfaction. As a paying customer, I expect a level of service that respects my preferences and communicates any changes effectively. Overall, my experience with U-Haul has been incredibly disappointing. I would caution others to carefully consider their options before entrusting their moving needs to a company that values profit over customer service.


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AnitaLakeville, MN

Customer Service

Reviewed April 30, 2024

Same as other complaints. Ordered a 5x9 Trailer on the 21st April to use on May1st. Was told everything was in order. On April 30th received call that trailer was not available at their location, but I could drive one hour away to get one and then drive 1 hour back with the trailer. When I filed a complaint with customer service they agreed, that this was wrong. I received a call from corporate who were immediately covering their butts by saying on the web page that Uhaul can call and up to the day before the rental to verify a trailer was available.

I admit I did not see that as all my other rentals and son's rentals from Uhaul we never received a call the day before we needed their product. When corporate said Uhaul would tell were a trailer was in my immediate area, and the drive was one hour to the location. That is not "IN YOUR AREA". No Customer service, that's all I wanted. I did not want any money or credit to my account, Just plain and simple customer service. I have closed my account with Uhaul. I closed my account with Uhaul.

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malihaOther, Other

Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPriceQuote Accuracy

Reviewed April 4, 2024

Absolutely horrible customer service. U-Hail is just a scam to steal customers money and cause problems for people. Moving is a stressful job as it is but with UHaul just added to my stress. I had a booking for 20 ft truck from Toronto to Calgary since January. I was moving in April 26th. Periodically I would call and check if my reservation was still good and they would say yes. On April 4th they call me to tell me my reservation is cancelled because they cannot give me truck. Then tell me to use their shipping where they will give me 3 boxes to fill and then ship it to 10 times the cost. They did it last minute to use my desperation because a few weeks now where am I going to get another reservation. If this is not a criminal scam I don’t know what is. U-Haul is booking truck reservations and then a few weeks from the date of reservation they cancel it so the customers have no choice but to use their expensive shipping service.

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NathanMemphis, TN

Verified purchase

Customer Service

Reviewed April 2, 2024

I picked up my UHaul on 3/22/2024 at 4100 Florin Perkins Rd. Sacramento CA, 95826 so I could move my family belongings to Tennessee. I ordered 2 packs of moving blankets. I received 2 blankets, not 2 packs. The blankets were not folded, the back of the truck was not swept. I had the rep at the pick up location marked a few dings and dents. The interior was not cleaned out either, with coffee stains on the cupholders. The check engine light came on minutes after leaving the pickup location, and remained on the entire trip.

Where it all went real bad is when I was cleaning out the truck (both the area in the back and the cab), I found A LOADED .22 CALIBER PISTOL UNDER THE SEAT. This pistol did not have a trigger guard, and is semi-automatic. Had I been involved in an accident or hit a very hard bump, the pistol could have fired both rounds and I could have had 2 .22 caliber bullets ricocheting around the cab. While driving through CA, if I was pulled over and the cab searched for some reason, the officer would have found this LOADED CONCEALED FIREARM. I would have been subject to multiple felonies (concealed weapon without permit, carrying a loaded firearm, having an unregistered firearm). My 3 year old son was in the cab with me when I found the weapon. I then called the Memphis PD to have them come pick up the firearm and make a report.

When I turned in the truck to the UHaul location on 3/28/2024 at 370 Union Ave, Memphis, TN 38103 and told them about the weapon, they were not concerned, said there was nothing they could do, and that I needed to call the pickup location. They also said I could call UHaul corporate. I called the pickup location, let them know what happened, and was told to call UHaul customer service. I then called UHaul customer service to file a complaint. The rep on the phone took my information, and said that someone would get back to me in 3 business days. No one responded to me by Tuesday 4/2/2024.

On Tuesday 4/2/2024, I filed a claim with repwest, since I purchased SafeMove+ for 199.99. After filing the claim, I called the Uhaul customer service line and was connected with Karina C. She was the first person at UHaul to voice concern over the situation. She let me know that no one at the store levels in either Sacramento or Memphis noted that I had found a LOADED FIREARM, and that the customer service person I spoke to on 3/28/2024 did not follow the proper procedures in regard to what happened. Apparently those people were hoping I would just go away. Karina told me that she had escalated this situation to the Sacramento Marketing Company President Melissa ** and her assistant Rebecca ** at 916-929-7555. I am expecting to get a full refund of the $3709.92 I spent to be unwilfully and unknowing subject to possible death or imprisonment.

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AFlagstaff, AZ

Customer Service

Reviewed March 26, 2024

I reserved a 20’ U-Haul truck several weeks in advance of my moving date. Then two days before I was scheduled to pick up the truck they called and told me that they don’t have the truck I reserved. They have a smaller one, or I can drive 50 miles (one way) and pick up the size truck I had reserved.

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SherritaKansas City, MO

Reviewed Jan. 21, 2024

I've used U-Haul for years with no issues. I reserved a truck using the mobile app. When I got to the facility I waited an entire hour to be verified only to learn I couldn't reserve one. I used my brother as a reference and he allegedly owes them from last August. What does that have to do with me?! I find it hard to believe that my plans are ruined because of this outlandish foolishness. The best part is that my brother rented a truck last week with no problem. I'm sure my business is trivial. But they won't be receiving it again.

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TruthAlbuquerque, NM


Reviewed Jan. 1, 2024

I was lied to at the Rio Rancho, NM U-Haul. I am relocating and asked if my vehicle could tow a small trailer. They told me yes (2021 Toyota Corolla). I also specifically asked them how many pounds of personal items can I put in the Trailer - JUST personal items. I was told 900 pounds. I asked the same question numerous times to be sure I could put 900 pounds in the trailer. Well they flat out lied to me. After I paid $526.20 to put a hitch on my vehicle I found out I can only put 400 pounds in the trailer. This isn't enough and now days before I'm supposed to leave and out over $500 I have to find alternative methods to move. I would NOT use this facility ever again. They are liars and just want your money.

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BettyClarksville, TN


Reviewed Dec. 29, 2023

We rented a truck and we were charged $160 for 7 hours of local moving. Just a week before that, we were charged $100 for three days at a different location and it was a bigger truck. It's bad enough that a tornado just ripped through the area, displacing 1300 people, and then this? DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Zero morals to be found.

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KeithMiami, FL

Customer ServicePriceQuote AccuracyPunctuality & SpeedDamage

Reviewed Dec. 22, 2023

Nothing but issues when ordering hitch and installation. Purchased hitch and install and made appointment for 2 weeks later. I showed up for appointment and was told hitch was not there and they did not know when it would arrive. Finally 3 weeks later after several calls and a trip to location my hitch was found. When the hitch was installed it was installed incorrectly damaging my bumper, spare tire holder under car was loose and a panel cover inside car was missing. They also did not reinstall the underbody panel, claiming they don't do that because it doesn't fit with hitch installed. The U-haul hitch install videos shows them trimming panel to fit and install. This was the of the main reasons for me having U-haul install the hitch.

The installer did not even give me the removed panel, I had to ask for it. When I returned for them to fix the incorrect install is when I saw the bumper damage and when I notified the manager that the lower bumper part needed to be replaced she wanted me to remove and install the new part with the incompetent installer. I told her I will get the part from the dealer and install it myself if she paid for the part. The part cost $30 more than I thought and the manager was giving attitude like I was trying to get more than the part cost. Never received an apology for all the issues or thank you for doing the install of Underbody panel and lower bumper myself due to incompetence.

To make matters worse I contacted U-haul customer service twice and got no reply to these issues from the company. Poor customer service at local office and zero customer service at national office. If you plan on having a hitch installed from U-haul, check local reviews to see if they are competent and professional. I should have did the install myself and saved $150 and a lot of hassle and aggravation.

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Top 1,268 Reviews From Legit U-Haul Buyers (2024)
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