Tools to calculate and navigate OSRS (2024)

This guide will review the easiest locations to teleport to for OSRS Shooting Stars.

Want to quickly find up to date shooting stars across OSRS? Check out the live shooting star tracker. If you would like an in depth guide, check out our optimal shooting stars guide.

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How are stars called out in the clan chat?

Type the world, tier, and location. It would look like W###, T#, Location.

For example: w421, t8, Crafting Guild would be a tier 8 star in world 421 at the Crafting Guild.

What discord is used to discuss stars?

You can find the Star Miners Discord server here.

How do I call a dead star?

First and foremost, it is beneficial to mine with others, so there is no point in calling a star dead if it isn’t. Second, you will be permanently banned from their Discord and CCs if you abuse this. Third, to call, world, tier, and Dead. Would look like "W###, T0, Dead". As an example, "W421, T0, Dead". All dead stars are T0.

Can I get a clue geode while mining a shooting star?

Yes, Jagex thought about taking that away, but they changed their mind after community feedback.

Is there a maximum amount of dust I can acquire?

Per hour, yes, at 1,000 for 99 mining.

Optimal Inventory Setup

Tools to calculate and navigate OSRS (2)Suggested inventory and gear setup (add Ring of Elements)


  • Gem bag

  • Stamina Potion (4)

  • Stardust

  • Ring of Endurance


  • Pickaxe

  • Celestial Ring

  • Prospector Gear (all four pieces trimmed or not)

  • Desert Amulet 4 (for no water skins)

  • Agility cape [Graceful cape]

  • Some items for teleport to reduce inventory (Rada’s Blessing, Book of the Dead, Karamja Gloves).

Items for teleports:

  • Diary Items

  • Jewelry

    • Amulet of Eternal Glory for teleport

    • Necklace of Passage

    • Digsite Necklace

    • Slayer Ring

    • Ring of Wealth.

  • Magic Teleport Related

    • Dust Staff

    • Tome of Fire

    • Soul Law Water, Blood, Death, Cosmic, Astral runes with in Rune Pouch (on Lunars with option of Spellbook Swap)

    • Construction Cape [scrolls of redirection on tele tabs]

    • Teleport Tablets for Varrock, Falador, and Adrougne.

  • Equippables

    • Book of the Dead [Xeric’s Talisman with farther run, Khardist Memories]

    • Xeric’s Talisman

    • Pharaoh’s Sceptre

    • Farming Cape

    • Drakken’s Medallion

    • Ring of Elements (teleports to Lumbridge Swamp stars and Al Kharid Mine)

    • Quest Cape

    • Achievement Cape [fairy ring alternatives lunar or dramen staff if using fairy rings and do not have achievement diary completed]

    • Camulet (unlimited for 1m GP)

    • Legend’s Cape

    • Crafting Cape

  • Teleport Items

    • Royal Seed Pod

    • Eternal Crystal

    • Enchanted Lyre

    • Master Scroll Book (Mos Le Harmless, Lunar Isle, Nardah, Piscatoris, Feldip)

Replaceable by maxed house although going to house can slow down teleporting:

  • Amulet of glory (if not using gems)
  • Dust Staff

  • Tome of Fire

  • Digsite Necklace

  • Xeric's Talisman

  • Farming Cape

  • Legend’s Cape

  • Achievement Diary Cape

  • Ring of Wealth

  • Teleport Tabs, Runes

  • Way to get to Fairy Rings and Spirit Trees.

Runelite shift-click teleport suggestions:

  • Desert Amulet to Nardah

  • Morytania Legs to Burgh de Rott

  • Ardy Cloak to monastery

  • Myth’s Guild Cape to Guild

  • Camulet to entrance for quarry

  • Rada’s blessing to Mt. Karuulum

Tools to calculate and navigate OSRS (3)House replacements

Top 10 Locations Based on Tiles

As a shout out to the star mining community the clan that is known and you are welcome to join is: Star Miners (friends chat and discord). When that is full, Group Stars (friends chat), and then More Stars (friend chat).

  1. Crafting Guild (with Crafting Cape)

  2. Feldip Hunter Area 1 (tele Fairy Ring AKS)

  3. Myth’s Guild with Mythical Cape teleport

  4. Shilo Village Gem Mine with Karamja Gloves 3 or higher

  5. Mount Quidamortem COX Bank with Xeric’s honor teleport on Xeric’s talisman

  6. Yanille Bank with Yanille Teleport upgrade

  7. South- East Ardougne Mine with Ardougne Cloak Teleport

  8. Draynor Bank with Achievement Diary Cape

  9. Canifis Bank with Kharyrll Teleport

  10. Lletya with Teleport Crystal

Tools to calculate and navigate OSRS (4)Star Miners Discord

Top 10 Easiest Locations Based on Requirements

Due to a lot of the stars needing higher level teleports to get to the landing site conveniently, here is a list of the easier locations to get to quickly.

  1. Rimmington Mines with House teleport (level 40 magic) Rimmington

  2. West Falador Mine with Falador teleport (level 37 magic and 5 agility)

  3. Mining Guild Entrance with Falador teleport (level 37 magic)

  4. Dwarven Mine Entrance with Skull Sceptre (able to defeat at least level 75 Ankou)

  5. South East Ardougne Mine with Ardougne Cloak Teleport (10 Combat & 5 Thieving level requirements for diary)

  6. Shayzien Mine via Kourend teleport (level 48 Magic)

  7. Catherby Bank via Charter Ship (need GP)

  8. Varrock East Bank via Varrock Teleport (level 25 magic)

  9. South-west Varrock Mine via Chronicle (bought from Diango)

  10. Tree Gnome Stronghold Bank via Spirit Tree (Tree Gnome Village requirements and a way to get to a Spirit Tree quickly such as an Ardy Cape or Ardy Charter)

Tools to calculate and navigate OSRS (5)Old School RuneScape Wiki


There are 76 possible landing sites in the member’s version of OSRS, and having the optimal teleports for all locations is ideal, but can be a lot to carry on one person especially if a player’s house is not maxed. Hopefully this guide shows you some of the easier locations to get to whether you are a maxed account or an account just beginning. For an in-depth look at mining stars check - optimal star mining guide. To find stars, use the shooting star tracker that shows live crashed star sites around OSRS.

This site will continually be updated with more content. Be sure to check back for other helpful articles. Feel free to reach out to the author with any feedback.

Tools to calculate and navigate OSRS (2024)
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