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Now that you have all of the Fabric Mods and Lunar Mods enabled, you’re ready to get into your first Hoplite Battle Royale game. Health only regenerates when you eat a golden apple or drink a potion, and the last player or team standing at deathmatch wins! The key to winning a Hoplite game is by crafting legendary weapons. Below are all of the legendary weapons available on Hoplite, and what each of them do.

Artemis Bow

A legendary bow that shoots arrows that have a chance to seek out enemies. Seeking arrows do less damage. There is a chance that normal arrows strike lightning on your enemy, dealing more damage. When you shoot an enemy with an Artemis Bow, they are outlined in a red glow. In order to craft an Artemis Bow, you need the following materials: Spyglass (Amethyst and Copper), 2 Diamonds, TNT, and Feathers.

Reaper Scythe

A legendary weapon that copies potion and healing effects from enemies. If an enemy player eats a Golden Head, Apple, or a potion, use the Reaper Scythe for you to also get those effects. In order to craft a Reaper Scythe, you need two player heads, amethyst, and two crying obsidian.

Sonic Crossbow

This legendary crossbow launches sonic arrows that creates a large sculk explosion on impact that knocks players away and deals damage. The materials required to create this legendary weapon is found in the Ancient City, where Minecraft Wardens spawn. You will need to find 4 disc fragments and an echo shard. Then, you will need a crossbow, two diamonds, and a firework star. This crossbow is best when it has the multishot enchantment.

Pufferfish Cannon

This legendary cannon has the ability to launch pufferfish at your enemies. Upon impact, it will deal damage and poison your enemy. To craft a pufferfish cannon, you need 2 diamonds, 2 pufferfish, 2 iron ingots, and 1 TNT.

Emerald Blade

This legendary sword’s sharpness can be upgraded when you deposit emeralds into the sword. Mobs and players killed with this sword drop emeralds. You can also trade with villagers to obtain emeralds and upgrade your sword. To craft this sword, you need 1 golden carrot, 1 diamond sword, 2 emerald blocks, and 1 bell.

War Pick

This legendary pickaxe is enchanted Sharpness X and has an attack damage of 10.5. You can mine blocks to trigger an explosion that destroys blocks in a 3x3x3 radius. If you deal a critical hit to a player, you will slightly knock them back and reduce the durability of one of their armor pieces. To craft this pickaxe, you need 1 diamond sword, 1 diamond pickaxe, 1 tnt, and 6 blocks of redstone.


This legendary enchanted book has Punch I, Quick Charge III, Power IV, Riptide III, Sharpness I, Protection IV, Multishot, Swift Sneak III, Fire Aspect II, and Thorns III. To craft it, you need 3 bottles of enchanting, 1 diamond sword, 1 trident, 1 bow, 2 magma creams, and 1 book and quill.

Tim the Enchanter

This legendary Villager upgrades weapons and gear. Give Tim an enchantable item to apply a random Level 30 enchantment to that item. To craft Tim The Enchanter, you need 1 enchantment table, 1 glow ink sack, 3 bookshelves, 1 glow berry, and 3 bottles of enchanting.

Midas Sword

This legendary sword has a 50% of upgrading its sharpness level every time you get a kill. Kills with this sword (mobs included) will drop gold nuggets. To craft this powerful sword, you need 1 enchanted golden apple, 1 golden apple, 1 diamond sword, and 2 nether quartz.


This legendary weapon can be thrown at an enemy to strike them with lightning and deal damage. You can also melee them. To craft Mjolnir, you need 1 diamond axe, 1 magma cream, and 1 lodestone.

Ender Bow

This legendary bow has two modes: Arrow and Teleport. When in arrow mode, the bow is a regular Power III enchanted bow with a chance to spawn an endermite wherever the arrow lands. When in Teleport mode, you can use it to teleport by shooting an ender pearl. To craft the ender bow, you need 1 eye of ender, 2 diamonds, 1 bow, and 1 clock.

Dragon Katana

This is one of Hoplite’s most powerful and most famous legendary weapons. Right click the sword to teleport in the direction you are looking at. Kill a player to gain 1 teleportation charge. You can enchant this sword and upgrade its sharpness level with sharpness books. To craft a Dragon Katana, you need 1 diamond sword, 1 obsidian, 1 fire charge, and 2 netherrite scrap.

Lich Staff

This legendary stuff launches a frost charge. Enemies who are in range of the blast are damaged and frozen. You can walk over powdered snow unharmed and freeze your path while walking over water while holding the Lich Staff. To craft this legendary weapon, you need 2 ice, 2 diamonds, 2 obsidian, and 1 candle. You will only be able to mine the ice if you find a silk touch book in a chest around the map and apply it to a tool.

Magma Club

This legendary sword is a Sharpness II iron sword (attack damage 7.5) that has a chance to light enemies on fire when you hit them. When you are holding a Magma Club, it gives you fire resistance. A popular strategy is to put the Magma Club in your off-hand and fight with a better diamond sword. To craft this legendary sword, you need 4 magma blocks, 2 blaze powder, 1 iron sword, and 1 gunpowder.

Fountain of Fate

This legendary fountain spews Regeneration III and a second randomly selected potion effect to everyone that is within range. To craft this legendary, you need 1 honey bottle, 1 player head, 1 diamond, and 4 cobblestone.

Gerald the Sniffer

This legendary tracker gives you a randomly selected legendary weapon. To craft it, you need 4 diamonds, 1 music disc, and 4 mossy cobblestone.

Mod Loading on Lunar Client (2024)
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