How to Drive Uhaul Truck | Pro Tips by Real Driver Experience (2024)

How to Drive Uhaul Truck | Pro Tips by Real Driver Experience (1)

If you’ve never driven a U-Haul truck, you might be shocked at the idea. But it’s easier than you think. Like everything else on the day of the move, you will be successful if you plan and do your research. This article contains important things you need to know about how to drive uhaul truck.

Tips for Preparing to Drive UHaul

How to Drive Uhaul Truck | Pro Tips by Real Driver Experience (2)

Check the vehicle

Before driving a truck, check it to make sure nothing is wrong.

Ensure the tires are inflated and in good condition, check the headlights and brake lights, make sure nothing is loose or otherwise damaged, and check that the truck’s storage compartment closes and locks securely.

Wrap UHaul wisely

Since most people who drive a U-Haul fill it with stuff, you should know that the way you pack the truck affects its handling.

First of all, try to balance the truck as best you can. Second, make sure your belongings are safe. If you hear a lot of chatter and noticeable shifting while travelling, you become more nervous, making driving difficult.

If shifting is severe, you can break objects or make it harder to open the storage area when it’s time.

How to drive an UHaul Truck?

How to Drive Uhaul Truck | Pro Tips by Real Driver Experience (3)

Ride at a moderate pace

You don’t have to drive slowly, but you certainly don’t want to speed up driving U-Haul.

The quicker you travel, the more likely you will let completely go and gain out of influence. Drive slower than you normally would at first, and once you get used to the U-Haul, you can adjust your driving habits to suit your comfort level with the vehicle on the road.

Be sure to follow all of U-Haul’s speed instructions for the specific vehicle you are driving. There may be a speed limit for your vehicle.

Stay away from other vehicles.

Trucks stop much slower than cars, so the last thing you want is a tailgate.

You can cause a serious accident, and it is much safer for everyone involved if you keep a reasonable distance from other vehicles.

Try to stay in your lane as much as possible.

Assuming you want to switch to another lane, feel free to get it done. But in general, it’s a good idea to stay in the same lane, especially when driving on or off the highway.

This minimizes the chance of accidents and also prevents your belongings from shifting unnecessarily.

Pay attention to the traffic rules that apply now.

Traffic rules that don’t apply to cars can now affect you because you are driving a truck.

For example, if you are driving on a toll road, trucks often have to use different lanes to pay or even pay higher rates than small cars. You need to find your way and determine if there are any unique situations you may encounter. If you’re prepared in advance, don’t panic when it comes time for a strange lane change or an alternate route.

Be smart

The most valuable advice is to just be smart and stay healthy.

Keep in mind that you are driving a large truck, and you need to adapt your driving behaviour accordingly, depending on the situation and the places and places you are driving through.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is U-Haul difficult to drive?

Driving a U-Haul is not difficult. It’s the same as driving other larger vehicles, and an experienced driver should have no problem driving a U-Haul once they get used to it. Be sure to follow the company’s safety advice and not make any risky movements while driving.

What age must you be to travel with U-Haul?

You must be over 18 years old to rent a U-Haul truck, but you must be 16 years old if you only rent a trailer. In any case, you need a state-issued driver’s license.

Can A Normal Man Drive U-Haul?

You can hire a professional driver for your U-move or a rented truck. U-Haul trucks can be difficult to drive, so hiring a professional is smarter.

What amount does it cost to enlist a transporter for a day?

Hiring a driving truck driver ranges from 65 cents per mile to 103 cents per mile.

What Do You Need To Ride U-Haul?

You do not need a special driver’s license to rent a U-Haul aircraft. To enlist our trucks and trailers, you should have a substantial driver’s permit given by your state.

Trucks from U-Haul are not classified as commercial vehicles. As a result, there is no need for a business driver’s license or particular documentation.

How difficult is it To Drive with a Trailer?

Driving a moving truck of any size is a very simple task, even if you add another 20 feet of the trailer to it.

What is the motivation behind cargo weighing stations?

The weighing station allows trucks to be weighed on the road. Transport companies are responsible for keeping the trucks they ship below the legal weight limit. However, shipping companies are often unreliable. That is why weighing stations are essential.

On the highway, should I use tow-haul mode?

There is no need to engage the Tow/Haul mode on the highway because there is no actual purpose. Estimating that you will be travelling at the same pace for a long period, but with the Tow/Haul mode engaged, you will only use more gasoline and drive higher rpm.

Is It Easy To Drive A 26stop Truck?

A moving truck can be fun and drives so light it almost feels like it’s not 8 meters long. Once you’ve completed your move and conquered your first moving truck ride, you can do anything.

How Fast Can You Get In A U-Haul Truck?

Depending on your state’s traffic laws; you can drive a U-Haul truck at speeds in the 55-65 mph range. However, if you are driving a heavily loaded truck, we recommend slowing down.


You will successfully drive a U-Haul truck if you are cautious and follow these guidelines.

How to Drive Uhaul Truck | Pro Tips by Real Driver Experience (4)

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How to Drive Uhaul Truck | Pro Tips by Real Driver Experience (2024)
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