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Print Ads in Today’s Digital World

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In this digital age, having a high quality print ad may seem to be pretty old-fashioned. This may be because Internet advertisements are the newest “in” thing when it comes to promoting products and services. If that’s the case, what makes investing in high quality print ads important?

Unlike Internet advertisements, print ads can last for months and years. Internet ads can flash before a person’s eyes and then disappear. There are also ways to block Internet advertisements through the help of ad blockers available all over the world.

When it comes to print ads, every time a potential customer looks at the page where the advertisement is available, it will be the same thing. As long as the publication is in circulation, the ad also remains in circulation. An ad placed in the newspaper or in a magazine can last for years. There’s so much potential in this advertising method, as it guarantees longevity.

If the advertisement also lands in a reliable and well-respected publication, it will have a great effect on the business. You can use the credibility of the magazine or the newspaper to your advantage. The readers will take the credibility from the content of the magazine or newspaper, then apply it to the advertisements published. This will give the product a bigger boost, and readers are most likely to buy the product or avail of the service.

Health Print Advertisements
Health Print Ads Can Definitely Be Eye-Catching

In addition, print advertisements generate the best results across four or five components of the purchase funnel. It’s also less intrusive than other forms of media. Radio, television, and Internet ads can be annoying to the audience. With print media, however, the reader will have greater control over when to view the ads. Once a prospect views the ads, he voluntarily reads the advertisement, and by then makes a conscious decision to engage the words and images in the advertisement. In newspapers, 79% of readers respond to print advertisements through clipping coupons, visiting websites, or even making purchases.

The challenges though in print media, are the ad clutter and audience limitations. A typical magazine or local newspaper holds a lot of advertisements and box ads, which means that standing out and catching attention will be more difficult. If you choose to get a billboard up, finding the right place is very important, as usual metropolitan areas are cluttered with billboards and signs. When it comes to audience limitations, there are certain age ranges that purchase magazines and newspapers, which may limit the exposure of your advertisement.


Investing money in print advertisements will never be a waste. This type of advertising will definitely boost the sales of existing products, will add to the credibility of the service, and can reach a targeted niche.


9 thoughts on “Print Ads in Today’s Digital World”

  1. That’s how printing is great as a powerful strategy to build a brand. Just need to be creative to attract more clients.

  2. There’s more on printing as the day comes. Printing will find a way to adapt on the changes and still will be relevant on the coming days.

  3. Very interesting points here.Printing can be a great partner for business to influence decision makers and help to build a brand.

  4. Creativity in the printing ads is the key that is used by today’s marketing business. They key that used by many to compete to gain and attract their clients.

  5. Still readers are loyal to some printing materials like books, newspaper, and magazines which still have valuable part in marketing.

  6. Printing is still considered as a powerful marketing tool as of today especially in marketing. There are still using printed materials such as business cards, flyers, etc in their business.

  7. Even printing has been advanced in today’s generation. Need to be creative and make the content much more essential to attract more customers.

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