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The Hottest And Latest News in the Print Industry

Latest Printing News

Here’s a roundup of the latest scoops in the print industry.

Print Industry in India, Dying

Gurvinder Singh of Tribune India speculated on fears that the printing industry in India is already dying, and is in need of saving. As we all know, the digital age is the main reason that print media is becoming obsolete. Despite being the second largest industry in the world, the print industry should adapt to the world’s modernization.

Australian Society of Old Friends Use Post-It Notes to Honor Print Heritage

Post It Notes
Kudos To The Next Best Thing After Sliced Bread.

The Society of Old Friends is a century-old group founded in England to strengthen the bonds of the printing industry’s members. A few weeks ago, the group’s branch in Sydney, Australia met to recruit more members and honor the seemingly weakening print media in the world by using Post-It notes.

The New Print Industry Terror in India: Goods and Service Tax

On July 1, the Goods and Service Tax (GST) will be rolled out. With it, the tax rate of newsprint will hike to 5% compared to the previous 3%. Print advertisements, on the other hand, will be subjected to 5% tax; it was tax-free before.

Case Won Against Printing Patent Trolls

A few weeks ago in Texas, the decision was handed down on the CTP Innovations, LLC v. Quad/Graphics Inc. case. The former demanded license fees from the latter due to “patented” technologies being used. The said technologies are common among printers nowadays, and the case is said to be a good example of patent abuse and extortion.

3D Printing Dominating Printing Industry News

The print industry’s presence online is also weakening minute by minute. More attention is currently being given to the printer’s cooler and techy younger brother, the 3D printer. Multiple innovations are on the way, and the latest is NASA’s current mission to grow bioprinted cancer cells in outer space to aid in cancer research.


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  1. The news on India is just sad. Printing can still go along with the modernization and adapt on the changes. Not to die the printing industry alone.

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