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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have some basic questions, please feel free to check this out.

Is Printing still good enough in this age where everything is virtual?

The answer is yes. Absolutely yes. Printing can be used in a number of forms, like marketing strategy and lead generation. You can print out T-Shirts too! Printing is still as useful today as much as the day it was invented.

What Makes Printing So Effective?

Printing is effective, because humans love visual information more than anything. Wonder why there are colorful neon lights in Las Vegas’ hotels and casinos? Exactly. You get the point. You can touch it too. You can save it for later and read it.

Who Are The People Behind This Site

Oh, we’re nothing special. Really.

We’re just a bunch of guys that knows how to market using direct printing. We are amazed with the wonders of this marketing strategy so, we decided to set up a website entirely made for this.

Read our fresh articles to learn more about printing and its awesome uses. Or if you still have some questions, feel free to contact us.