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Design an Eye-Catching Small Business Print Ad to Boost Your Business’ Visibility

The competition in the marketplace gets increasingly tougher, because different businesses are being created every day. Large business owners are hiring experts in promotion, to increase their product popularity. But small business owners can’t afford to hire them, so they must rely on themselves to promote their businesses.

An effective way of promotion is through print ads. It’s a form of advertising that uses printed media like posters, flyers, and brochures to attract customers. A good print ad captures the attention of viewers, and convinces them to patronize your business. Since advertisements are crucial for business owners, you should know how to design an eye-catching small business print ad to boost your business.

A print ad consists of texts, logos, and images. But you shouldn’t just mix these items together at random, because your ad might look cheap and shoddy. You must understand the importance of each component, and learn how to manipulate these items to improve your ad.


A classic print ad. See the fonts and the logo placement?

Placing text in print ads is the best way to communicate with your target audience. Text is useful for describing your business, and relaying your contact information to your viewers. You need to understand how to attract readers with your words. The points you should consider for text are:

  • Font – this includes the typeface, style, colors, and size. You should know that different fonts depict different voices. Thick and underlined typefaces issue commands, while thin typefaces portray calmness. A variety of voices can be used, as long as they suite the character of your business.
  • Location – the format of your texts will facilitate readability. Place your business name at the top or center of the ad, because it will be the first thing spectators will see. Place additional information on the lower part, so that you can direct the readers to examine every part of the print ad.


It’s best to include your business logo in your ads. This way, you’re showing the viewers the quality and legitimacy of your business. You need to be creative in how you design and present your logo. The points you should consider for logos are:

  • Location – you should place your logo in a prominent, visible area. But be wary of the neighboring components. Placing it too near text and images can cause confusion.
  • Size – your logo should not take up too much of the space in your print ad. Make sure it’s not too large or too small. Remember that your logo is not there to speak for your advertisement.


Pictures are important because they bring face value to your ads. Therefore, you should choose pictures that are appropriate and have a connection with your business. The points you should consider for images are:

  • Tone – your images should speak to the mission of your business. As much as possible, choose positive images to gain the trust of the viewers.
  • Size – you can strategically utilize the sizes of the images. You can use small-sized pictures if you think that you need more space for texts. On the other hand, you can place a large picture to elicit curiosity.
  • Frequency – Having 4 or more images in a print ad is too much for viewers to digest. Just place the necessary images that relate to your business.

Tools Needed

It’s not hard to create print ads, especially with the available editing software on the internet. Templates and effects are already built into some software programs. You can also integrate images from different editing tools with ease.

  • Adobe Illustrator – the best editing tool when you want to have high-quality fonts and logos. Illustrator doesn’t use pixel systems. That’s why you’ll not encounter problems when resizing content.
  • Adobe Photoshop – an editing tool that has tons of templates for image effects. You can build your print ad from scratch, and you can manage layers easily.
  • Inkscape – a convenient editing tool that offers most of the features of Illustrator. It doesn’t use much of your computer’s resources, so you can create your print ads even with low-end computers.


In order to pull off a great print ad, you should be creative and open to new ideas. You should also know your target audience, because this will determine the proper components to use.

It’s also good to learn how to use some graphic editing software. Remember that your print ads must be understood by the majority of its viewers.

Before you release your ads, first get into the minds of you potential customers, and then take a look at your ad. You should identify the message, and decide whether it’s convincing or not.

If you really want to gain an advantage over your competitors, then it’s important for you to know the tricks regarding designing eye-catching print ad, that appeal to your target audience.

4 thoughts on “Design an Eye-Catching Small Business Print Ad to Boost Your Business’ Visibility”

  1. Creativity is the key. It needs more convincing so you could attract and catch the attention of your clients. Nice post!

  2. Need also to adapt on the changes on today’s environment. Business marketing is also transforming. Must know how to keep on the trend so that the audience can stick with your business ad also.

  3. Logo is also the important thing to include in your print ad. It represents the trademark of your business and also it stay remarkable in the eyes and mind of your clients.

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