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The competition in the marketplace gets increasingly tougher, because different businesses are being created every day. Large business owners are hiring experts in promotion, to increase their product popularity. But small business owners can’t afford to hire them, so they must rely on themselves to promote their businesses. An effective way of promotion is through print ads. It’s a form of advertising that uses printed media like posters, flyers, and brochures to attract customers. A good print ad captures the attention of viewers, and convinces them to patronize your business. Since advertisements are crucial for business owners, you should know how to design an eye-catching small business print ad to boost your business.
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Latest Printing News

Despite being the second largest industry in the world, the print industry should adapt to the world’s modernization.

Australian Society of Old Friends Use Post-It Notes to Honor Print Heritage

Kudos To The Next Best Thing After Sliced Bread. The Society of Old Friends is a century-old group founded in England to strengthen the bonds of the printing industry’s members. A few weeks ago, the group’s branch in Sydney, Australia met to recruit more members and honor the seemingly weakening print media in the world by using Post-It notes.

The New Print Industry Terror in India: Goods and Service Tax

On July 1, the Goods and Service Tax (GST) will be rolled out.

Multiple innovations are on the way, and the latest is NASA’s current mission to grow bioprinted cancer cells in outer space to aid in cancer research.   Printing can really up your game

Multiple innovations are on the way, and the latest is NASA’s current mission to grow bioprinted cancer cells in outer space to aid in cancer research.   Printing can really up your game

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Printing History

Later in the 2nd century, Tsai Lun invented paper using the bark of the mulberry tree and bamboo fibers in China. Far along into the 10th century, the Arabs made paper using linen fibers. Books became written on paper throughout the years. And books then were different from the books you use now. Jacob Christoph Le Blon


Do you know what a woodcut is? It’s the predecessor of the printing machines at present. It was basically composed of wood, on which images and texts were carved. The blocks were stamped with ink made from soot and oil.

Then, Jakob Christoph Le Blon made the first colored engraving on print in the 18th century

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print ads benefits

In this digital age, having a high quality print ad may seem to be pretty old-fashioned. This may be because Internet advertisements are the newest “in” thing when it comes to promoting products and services. If that’s the case, what makes investing in high quality print ads important? Unlike Internet advertisements, print ads can last for months and years. Internet ads can flash before a person’s eyes and then disappear. There are also ways to block Internet advertisements through the help of ad blockers available all over the world. When it comes to print ads, every time a potential customer looks at the page where the advertisement is available, it will be the same thing.

When it comes to audience limitations, there are certain age ranges that purchase magazines and newspapers, which may limit the exposure of your advertisement.   Investing money in print advertisements will never be a waste

This type of advertising will definitely boost the sales of existing products, will add to the credibility of the service, and can reach a targeted niche.  

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